Cast Iron Round Floor Sink with or without Anchor Flange and Clamp Collar

  • Product description

    Cast Iron Round Floor Sink with or without Anchor Flange and Clamp Collar Used in kitchens, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, schools and other areas that require a large volume sanitary drain.

  • Feature

    • Acid-resistant porcelain enamel coating (ARE)
    • Perfect for high heat discharge applications
    • Available with flange and clamping collar for above-grade applications

  • Application

    Cast iron floor sink shall be used where necessary indrainage systems or where PVC floor sinks are not permitted.

    Floor sink have an acid resisting porcelain enamel coating (ARE) for superior sanitation, and a high heat discharge rating for commercial hot water drainage applications.

    Connection to pipe and trap assembly shall be made by means of a no-hubcoupling.

    Grates shall be available in various patterns for intended use. Sump area shall have smooth inner surfaces for quick and complete drainage.

  • Technical data

    • Size: 12" Diameter x 8" Deep & 8" Diameter x 6" Deep
    • Material: floor sink: porcelain-coated (ARE) cast iron, strainer: porcelain-coated (ARE) cast iron, nickel-bronze, 301 stainless steel
    • Production process: Floor mould casting
    • Surface: porcelain-coated
    • Packing: carton + wooden crate
    • MOQ:1000pcs
    • Lead time:2~5 weeks depend on order quantity
    • Warranty:2 years
    • After-sale Service: Online technical support, On-site Installation
    • Brand: OEM or custom made as per drawings provide