Sand casting foundry

◆ 5 sand casting foundries in South and North of China(Guangdong,Anhui,Hebei,Tianjin and Liaoning), which can assure production in current strict Environment protection policy.

◆ Floor molding, horizontal moulding machine, Disa moulding line for ductile iron, grey iron, carbon steel, alloy steel,aluminum and copper alloy

◆ Painting,powder coating, galvanizing, porcelain enamelling and all other surface finishfor ferrous metal

◆ Professional R & D team and advanced physical and chemical testing equipments

◆ Casting equipments :


Electric furnace

Horizontal molding machine

Disa moulding line

Shot blasting machine

◆Inspection equipments:


Metallographic microscope

Tension tester


Sand hardness tester

Brittleness Temperature Tester

Ultrasonic defect detector

Magnetic defect detector

X-ray defect detector


●Electric furnace

●Floor moulding

●Horizontal moulding machine

●Disa moulding line

●Shot blasting machine

●Surface milling machine

●CNC machining

●Spray painting

●Dip painting

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